Bassleer Biofish Food Acai Packing
Acai berries

Biofish Food Acai

New Dr. Bassleer Biofish Food with Acai fruit berries from the Açai palm tree from the Amazone! Discovered during Amazon trips, talking and snorkling with the fishermen= we noticed the most healthy fish were eating Açai fruits on the bottom of the river.

Gives extra colour and power to the fish = more beauty and health.

Ideal for Breeding Pairs, like a kind of ‘Red Bull’ = colours and energy of the fish to reach their optimum level!!!

Also recommended for fish that are weakened and need an extra energy booster.

Developped after 6+ months of testing in the fish house of Bassleer Biofish.

After many feedback from hobbyists= very popular for Discus, Angelfish, Cichlids, Marine Angel fish & Emperors, Betta Fighting fish, etc.

Girl climbing Acai tree