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XI International Conference

“Aquarium as a way to explore the world”  

Gerald Bassleer give a presentation ‘The use of phytobiotics as synbiotics to prevent and cure diseased aquarium fishes.


Moscow Center of Oceanography and Marine Biology “Moskvarium”

Org. Aqualog & EAZA

Moscow, Russia


31 May – 2 June 2019

Aquarama 2019 in Guangzhou (China)


Largest International Aquarium Fish Tradeshow; Gerald Bassleer & Biofish Food & Ornamental Fish Exporters Platform will attend!

19-22 May 2020

INTERZOO at Nürnberg/Germany

Largest Pet Trade Show and we will be at the booth of Aqua United (Aquarium Münster)

 September 2020

Aquarismo 2020 (Natal, RN, Brasil)

New International Aquarium Fish Tradeshow in Brazil