Headshot of Gerald bassleer posing in front of 2 posters

Gerald Bassleer

Consultant + Author

More than 40 years’ experience in the ornamental & aquarium fish industry as biologist, fish pathobiologist, owner, director, CEO, wholesaler, importer/exporter of ornamental fish, fish health manager, trainer of aquarium staff , rapid application of microscopic research and diagnostic tools, consultant for several companies in different countries, author, speaker, developer of Dr. Bassleers Biofish Food with nutricaments, ex-President of OFI (Ornamental Fish International 2006-2016). Published app Fish Diseases iOS & Android. 

Currently spending lots of time to travel around the world as “The Flying Fish Doctor” and giving services to the industry to improve the wellbeing and health of the livestock = ornamental fish!

These days he is working with contracts in the Netherlands, Kenya, Spain, Germany, Poland, Zimbabwe, Congo and Brazil. Also consultant for the international fish trade show Aquarama.