Headshot of Gerald bassleer posing in front of 2 posters

Gerald Bassleer

Consultant + Author

More than 40 years’ experience in the ornamental & aquarium fish industry as biologist, fish pathobiologist, owner, director, CEO, wholesaler, importer/exporter of ornamental fish, fish health manager, trainer of aquarium staff , rapid application of microscopic research and diagnostic tools, consultant for several companies in different countries, author, speaker, developer of Dr. Bassleers Biofish Food with nutricaments, ex-President of OFI (Ornamental Fish International 2006-2016). Published app Fish Diseases iOS & Android. Recently he wrote a new Ecourse ‘Aquariology’ for Global Pets Academy.


Currently spending lots of time to travel around the world as “The Flying Fish Doctor” and giving services to the industry to improve the wellbeing and health of the livestock = ornamental fish!

These days he is working with contracts in the Netherlands, Kenya, Spain, Germany, Poland, Zimbabwe, Congo and Brazil. Also consultant for the international fish trade show Aquarama.